Launched today - 20x faster copy edits!

We recently shipped a 20x speed improvement to Jam. And today we’re following it up by bringing back Jam copy suggestions - now 20x faster than before! 🚀

This is like if your website was a Google Doc and you could suggest new copy and chat about it right from the page. No more emails, no more meetings. Just fast, inline copy suggestions. We can’t wait for you to try it.

How it works:

  1. Double click on any text on your website and type in new text to suggest new copy.
  2. Click on the preview tool to see how the new text looks across device types.
  3. Get a 👍 from your team, either in a comment thread or with 👍 reactions.
  4. Get automatically notified on Slack when it’s done!

Jam is typically invite only, but we want to bring people in who are currently facing this problem to try out this new feature, so we’re going to keep signups open just for the day :)

Sign up at this link today before it expires tomorrow! 👇

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