Launching today: Change web copy without asking a dev!

Jam Wand is back! A few weeks ago we upgraded Jam to be 20x faster, and today we’re bringing back our favorite feature into this new, faster Jam:

Jam Wand - a magic wand for making copy changes right from your website to the source code. 🚀

Here’s how it works: click on any text in your site, edit it, and submit the change to GitHub to be merged into the code. It’s shipping copy changes as easy as click, type, and click again.

That way, you can move faster and save dev time, as well as try out new copy more frequently and ship a better, clearer product or website to your users.

We can’t wait for you to try it. In Jam launch day tradition, we’re opening up our invite-only beta just for today so you can take Jam Wand for a spin. Make sure to get in today before sign-ups close again tomorrow. 👇

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