Launching today: Change web copy without asking a dev!

Today we’re launching Jam Wand on ProductHunt. It’s a magic wand for making copy changes right from your website to the source code.

If you have 30 seconds, we would love your help with an upvote!

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This Month In Jam 🍓

Thank you for being one of the first few thousand people signed up to Jam. Excited to send you this first Jam update since we launched the beta.

For those of you still in the waitlist, while we haven’t been able to add you just yet, we’re working hard on it and can’t wait to get you in.

In the meantime, we’d love to show you what we’re working on and hear your thoughts and feedback!

Shiplog 🚢

Besides Jam Wand, we’ve also shipped 7 other new features this month:

  • Trello and Linear integrations - You can now in a few clicks create Trello and Linear tasks directly from Jam! If someone comments on the task in Trello or Linear, the comment shows up in Jam and vice versa. Both built by Tomasz.
  • Better and faster Slack connection - You can now respond to Jam notifications by responding to the notification thread in Slack. Jam now also syncs with your Slack team so that you can assign and mention anyone of your Slack teammates in a Jam comment, and they will get notified via DM by the Jam Slackbot! Also built by Tomasz.
  • Search (built by Patryk)
  • In-product notification center (built by Ricky)
  • Batched notification emails (built by Ricky)

What the Jam Fam is cooking up 👩‍🍳

Time for the community update! Here are some highlights from the Jam community:

Products shipping that are #BuiltWithJam:

  • - lots of new #builtwithjam features. Reach out to Matt Cooper in the Jam community Slack to give a virtual high five.
  • Climatebase - they are gearing up for a big launch next week and looking for feedback (with Jam!). DM Evan Hynes in the Jam community Slack or email him at to get access to test.
  • - any e-commerce founders who would like early access should reach out to Rohail in the Jam community Slack or at and mention they come from Jam to be bumped up in the waitlist.

Teams hiring where you could #WorkWithJam:

  • Gem is looking for a frontend engineer (link).
    Reach out to Sarah Koo in the Jam community Slack to learn more.
  • WorkOS is looking for a product designer (link).
    Reach out to Celeste Kao in the Jam community Slack to learn more.
  • Feedback Loop is looking for a fullstack engineer (link) and a QA engineer (link).
    Reach out to John Madeira in the Jam community Slack to learn more.
  • Monthly is looking for a senior fullstack engineer (link).
    Reach out to Matt Cooper in the Jam community Slack to learn more.

Happy jamming! 🤗

That’s it! Have a great rest of your day, everyone.

And – thank you for reading to the end! Realize you may still be on the waitlist, we are trying to prioritize bringing in people to the beta who care about collaboration and no-code workflows, who can help us shape the future of the product. You’ve read all the way to the end here, so it’s likely that’s you 😁 — if you’re still in the waitlist, reply to this email with the passphrase “green eggs and jam” and we’ll try our best to bring you in early.

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