Launching today: Improve your website with help from experts at Dropbox, Netflix, Slack, and more.

Launching Jam Genies Today 🧞‍♀️

Today we’re launching Jam Genies on ProductHunt. It’s a network of on-demand experts to help you build a better website.

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Everything You Need To Know About Today’s Launch

Today we’re excited to launch Jam Genies: a network of world-renowned experts at the ready to help you build a better website. Just choose a genie, pick a time, pay their one time fee, and Jam with them. It’s 1-1 help from experts with direct experience tackling your exact problem.

Say you’re a founder and you’re preparing to fundraise. With Genies, you can now book a session with an investor like Erik Torenberg and get his take on how your site comes across to investors. If you’re having trouble with referrals, you can summon a growth genie like Nicole Obst, the former Head of B2C Web Growth at Dropbox. If you’re having trouble with making your onboarding flow intuitive, you can summon a design genie like Abe Vizcarra, the former global design director at Snap.

The full list of genies available to be summoned are:


  • Brianne Kimmel - Angel investor and founder of Worklife VC. Investor in Webflow, Hopin & 40+ software companies building the future of work.
  • Erik Torenberg - Co-founder & Partner at Village Global, a fund backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and others.
  • Sahil Lavingia - Founder & CEO of Gumroad, first engineer at Pinterest, and angel investing $10 million a year via
  • Iheanyi Ekechukwu - Engineer turned angel investor, and scout investor for Kleiner Perkins.


  • Soleio - Facebook's second product designer, former Head of Design at Dropbox, and advisor at Figma. Invests in design-focused founders at Combine.
  • Dara Oke - Product design lead at Netflix, formerly designed and built products at Microsoft, Twitter, and Intel.
  • Katie Suskin - Designed many products you know and love like Microsoft Calendar, OkCupid, Tia, and ... Jam.
  • Julius Tarng - Helped scale design at Webflow, led design tooling at Facebook, and now consults for early stage startups.


  • Abe Vizcarra - Currently leading brand at Fast, former Global Design Director at Snap Inc.
  • Tiffany Zhong - CEO, Zebra IQ. The Gen Z Whisperer as recognized by Forbes, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and more.


  • Nicole Obst - Former Head of Web Growth (B2C) at Dropbox and Head of Growth at Loom.
  • James Sherrett - 9th employee at Slack, led the original marketing and sales of Slack.
  • Asher King-Abramson - CEO at Got Users, a growth marketing platform widely used by startups around Silicon Valley.

Some of the genies are contributing their fees to charities. The charities genies are supporting are Rethink Foods, SEEDS and Next Chapter.

Jam Genies was built by Niko Lazaris, Petar Circovik and Ollie Hsieh, was designed by Anna Truong, and is available to anyone in the Jam beta. Sign up at 🧞‍♀️

What the Jam Fam is cooking up 👩‍🍳

Time for the community update! Here are some highlights from the Jam community:

Products shipping that are #BuiltWithJam:

  • Clay Sources: Sneak a loom peak here. - Clay is the first spreadsheet that fills itself. They recently launched Sources, so you no longer have to struggle to keep data fresh. It streams in data as it happens on the web and in your tools. Stream in your twitter mentions or followers, new Github stargazers, latest interactions in your shared slack channels and cross check it against your CRM to map your community and understand your people.
  • – BZR is a software platform that enables D2C brands to cooperate instead of compete in customer acquisition by pooling traffic, customers, and data. Now accepting applications for closed pilot here, commission fees waived for Jam subscribers for the first month!
  • - With the Wren API, you can build tools, plugins, and apps on-top of Wren's portfolio of vetted carbon offset projects.

Teams hiring where you could #WorkWithJam:

  • Ramp is hiring across all areas: Design, Product, Engineering, Sales, & Ops. (link)
    Reach out to Diego Zaks in the Jam community Slack to learn more.
  • Alloy is looking for an AE and a fullstack engineer. (link)
    Reach out to Sara Du in the Jam community Slack to learn more.
  • Vise is hiring a product manager. (link)
    Reach out to Molly Goldberg in the Jam community Slack to learn more.
  • Readwise is hiring a designer (link)
    Reach out to Daniel Doyon in the Jam community Slack to learn more.
  • Quaestor is looking for engineers, and product and business development interns. (link)
    Reach out to Kevin Hsu in the Jam community Slack to learn more.
  • Hedera Hashgraph is looking for a remote DevOps engineer, fully remote but preferably West Coast to distribute the team across time zones. (link)
    Reach out to Brady Gentile in the Jam community Slack to learn more.

Happy jamming! 🤗

Have a great rest of your day, everyone. If you’re still waiting, we want you to know we’re working really hard to get everyone in the beta asap and we can’t wait to share Jam with you.

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