My favorite lesser known tools for startup founders

Hey startup founders! Here are my favorite lesser-known tools that I use and rely on as a founder. What are yours?

Journey - for creating awesome presentations really fast

Hireflow - for automating reaching out to potential candidates right from their Linkedin profiles

Daily Toast - my favorite standup timer

Luna Park - extremely fun remote team events that require no planning on your part

Google Calendar for Slack - automatically sends me the Zoom link one minute before each meeting via Slack, and automatically sets my Slack status to "In a meeting" while I'm on calls. (I know GCal is well known, but their Slack app is not!)

Jam - I'm obviously biased 🙃, but I use Jam heavily every day and it saves me a ton of time not having to do any manual work when bug reporting or QA-ing our staging environment.

I always love to hear about new tools for startup founders, have fun checking these out, and let me know if there are others I should try!

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