Q&A with Camy Tsukamoto on must-have tools as a Product Manager

Each week we talk to people within our network to learn about how they work: their processes, tools they use, and things that inspire them. It's an opportunity to get a sneak peek into how other builders and makers do their jobs. So you might get inspired and learn something new, or, at the very least, get a song recommendation.

This week we talked to Camy, Product Manager at Mercari

p.s. – Camy's song on repeat is Circles by Post Malone, so feel free to tune in as you read.

What do you do?

I’m a Product Manager at Mercari, a Japanese e-commerce company. I’m working on a product called Mercari Shops – it’s a b2c marketplace where small businesses can sell their goods. It’s somewhat similar to Shopify.

What is one tool you can't imagine your life without?

I love Miro, which is a visual collaboration tool. I use it to map out customer journeys with the design team, brainstorm new features, and visualize all the info on the product.

What other tools do you use?

I also use Figma for mockups, Confluence for documenting product specs, Jira for breaking down requirements into tickets, Notion for ad hoc meetings, and Slack for communication.

Camy's dock

Which tool have you discovered recently?

We recently discovered Gather Town and it’s amazing! It’s basically a virtual workspace, and we use it for team-building activities.

One thing that you learned recently about how to be more productive and happy at work?

I recently moved to a new place which has a river nearby so I started taking long walks in the morning by the river and listening to Ted Talks and other podcasts. The fresh air helps me to start the day feeling more awake and motivated to get stuff done.

A favorite feature of your desk setup?

I love my blackboard with push pins. I use it to visualize things, pin motivational quotes, and just generally use it for inspiration. I’m also a big fan of whiteboards. I had one before I moved and want to install it again soon.

Where can people follow your work?

Linkedin is probably best for that.

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