All 5 talks from Cloudflare + Twilio + Jam SF tech talks night

All 5 talks from Cloudflare + Twilio + Jam SF tech talks night

Last night, 75 engineers packed into Cloudflare HQ for an evening of lightning talks about prompt engineering, vector DBs, AI codegen, and more.

We recorded all 5 talks (they're each about 5-10 min long), and here they are!

The history of UI design and what's next with AI
Josh Payne (Founder/Coframe)

Josh shared his vision for how AI will change development of user interfaces. He's thinking: self-optimizng images, user flows, and the entire user-experience.

How to crush it on Twitter using Web Drivers+AI+Vector DBs
Adam Chan (Developer Relations Engineer/Weaviate)

Adam explained+demoed how developers can use Weaviate to analyze exactly how to win Twitter.

All about Tilt: Jam's dev environment
Arég Harutyunyan (Engineer/Jam)

Arég gave a tour of Jam's internal dev environment and explained why we chose it at Jam.

How to build an AI chatbot that won't go rogue on trolls
Dominik Kundel (PM Lead/Twilio)

Dominik went over how to build safe AI and prevent against prompt injection attacks. He discussed security measures like authorization, least privilege, data sanitation, and doing threat modeling.

How to think systematically to build amazing AI experiences
Craig Dennis (Developer Educator/Cloudflare)

Engineering AI features takes a totally different way of thinking. Craig, explained how to think systematically about prompt engineering to build better AI apps.

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